Despicable State of the Arts in the U.S.

This image was taken on the streets of Mozart Platz (or Mozart’s Plaza) in Austria, where the arts are very much alive. Great place to become inspired for a budding composer/photographer. The arts are still respected in many parts of the world, so why is it that in the States it merely gets a nod from the public and nothing more? It’s only worthy of a hobby. “Study music? Study art? Study film? Study writing? Whatever for?! What kind of job will you get with that?!” I can just hear parents across this nation holler, lol. What a shame…


5) Ten Of Cups

from the:

The Suite Of Cups (string/woodwind nonet) is a miniature collection of ten pieces that describe the character of each of the numbered cards of the Cups family in the Tarot esoteric system. The decks that inspired the suite come from artists Robin Wood, Mary Hanson-Roberts, and the Morgan-Greer Tarot, all which allude to the Medieval and Renaissance way of life. Only five of the ten will be featured here.

Somewhere in Germany…

France, Spain. 😀

Eccentric; Renaissance spirit 🙂 Music composition, creative writing, photography.

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